Hacks to keep your study nook tidy

The kids study area or home office is often a bit of a disaster zone as tidiness goes out the window when assignment deadlines loom. You do need keep this area tidy to let you do your best work and be as productive as possible, so stop procrastinating and start getting your space in order with these tips and ideas.

To organise and prioritise, a message board of some kind is a great idea. Its good to have a visual representation of all “to do’s” in one central place. To really make it unique, consider a board that you can not only write on but also stick important things to. Think magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard. A good old fashioned paper calendar is also not to be discounted in this age of digital organisers.

Does your desk look like a crazy electrician and worm has been at work, with cables sprouting out and over everything? Not only do they get in the way, but also really detract from the visual appeal of you work space. There are now a number of cable organising devices on the market that adhere to the inside of drawers or under side of desktops to keep cables off the desk surface. Alternatively, you can go completely wireless these days with cordless keyboards, wifi and Bluetooth printers for the ultra minimal look and to make cleaning a breeze.

All these ideas are great, however nothing beats actually hiding the entire study nook when not in use behind some sliding or folding doors. If you have made use of one the many forgotten spaces in your house, consider making it disappear by installing some doors to that blend into the décor when closed. Bifold doors are great solution as they can elegantly enclose a large space with many size and budget options available these days. If you go down this road, be sure to choose doors that use high quality door hardware from such companies as Brio, who specialise in making sliding door hardware and hardware for bifold doors for clients all over the UK and Europe.

Another good idea to avoid drowning in a sea of paper is set up a paper processing station and stick to it! Its pretty simple, get yourself 3 baskets or trays – one for papers that need to be archived, another that need some sort of action by you and a third for papers that can be thrown out (or you could skip this last one and actually just throw them out when they come in). Have you considered going paperless? Most companies now charge for them to send out paper bills and invoices, so get in touch with them ask to have only digital correspondence.

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