Creating more study space at home

Adding and extension or renovating your home to create more dedicated study space for your kids is a noble and important thing to do. It can however be quite overwhelming and scary if you don’t do your homework or go in over your head. It doesn’t need to be though, with the right advice and some careful planning adding more space for study or play can add quality living space for your enjoyment and serious financial value.

No matter the scale of your addition or renovation, the first step is always to engage a professional architect or building designer. Every extension needs a custom design solution to be devised for the individual property and desired outcomes. Therefore, steer clear of trying to design the addition yourself, as getting this step wrong spells trouble later down the track.

You also need to ask yourself, who am I building it for? Is it to create more study space for a growing brood? How long will the kids hang around at home? These are the big questions that you need to be clear about, rather than a whole bunch of random things you have collected as references. The next question you have to ask yourself , is do you have enough room to extend? Adding a small extra study space or bedroom may not take much space but adding a living or kitchen space will chew up valuable outdoor space. If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, consider adding a second story for added study space. Just be aware that adding a level will require quite a bit of work in terms of supporting the new structure.

Once you have answered these questions clearly, you need to start thinking about the actual look. Should the addition match the existing house?In my opinion, unless the existing house is modern and of certain style already, no, go crazy and have some fun with it. Chances are even if you try to match the existing house, it won’t quite be believable anyway. The key here is to make the distinction between old and new as concise and deliberate as possible. For example, if renovating an old terrace house, don’t try to match the look, but rather create a modern study space that is its own character. A very modern and stylish way to make this distinction is to include large glazed bifold doors or sliding doors that can be completely opened up to remove any barrier, but clearly define the transition between old and new. Brio make a huge range of to notch door hardware for bifold doors of all shapes and sizes.

Another benefit to going modern, is that older homes generally aren’t so good for their solo passive qualities. Understanding where south is and designing appropriately around this, will give you more light and warmth without having to rely on artificial heating or cooling as much. It’s a great opportunity to increase the amount of glazing in the home to maximise natural light and let study be a fun activity. Just be aware to use quality double glazed glass.

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