BMW 2 Series Coupe

There are a number of highlights of this unique and fascinating sporty coupe. It has a very athletic design and the driving dynamics make the car the best in its class. It has 50:50 weight distribution and BMW TwinPower Turbo engines which are extremely powerful. The intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics are features which define the coupe. The coupe also has road-holding rear drive which gives it a unique sports performance.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe pays homage to the BMW 2002. But is has its own personality with energy and passion. There is a striking crease line which originates behind the front axle and which runs upwards in the rear wing. This crease line emphasis the athleticism of the car, with its dynamic wedge shape. Muscular wheel housings also show that its character means one of driving excitement.

Although the Series 2 is already a sporty model, you can unleash the impressive sportiness of the M Sport model. There are additional customisation possibilities with original BMW Accessories. The M Sport model features M Sport suspension and M Aerodynamics package. This includes a specialised front apron, side skirts and rear apron designed for car enthusiasts. The athletic styling is emphasised by the Doublespoke style 460M large 17 inch M light alloy wheels.

Drive Performance Control enables the driver to choose between the Comfort mode, the ECO PRO mode which is aimed at fuel efficiency, and which intelligently adapts the accelerator pedal and transmission as well as the heating and air conditioning settings, and the Sport mode. The ECO PRO mode can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. Available with the ProfessionalNavigation System, the Route-Ahead Assistant uses the navigation system to give tips about the road ahead in advance. For instance if there is a speed limit change around the corner the system advises the driver to slow down before turning.

Drive Assist warns of unintentional lane changes (that is, where the indicator has not been used) by vibrations in the steering wheel. Also, when a collision with pedestrians or other vehicles is possible, a warning ensues, and the car even brakes in an emergency.

Safer parallel parking with less stress is achieved with Park Assist. When a suitable park is found, and the driver turns on the indicator, the Park Assist takes over the steering. The system provides directions in the Control Display as well as acoustic signals while the driver continues to operate the gears, accelerator and brakes.

Adaptive Headlights provide the best illumination of the road ahead. The moving headlights light up bends and corners as soon as the driver begins to turn the wheel. As soon as the indicator is switched on, or the steering wheel turned, the cornering lights are automatically activated and so short-range visibility is improved. Driving safety is significantly improved with the Adaptive Headlights making sure the driver has optimal illumination in every situation on the road.

Less physical effort is needed for steering at all speeds, and optimal power steering support is achieved with Servotronic, in every driving situation. The system adjusts the steering power to suit the chosen speed but especially delivers a direct and precise steering response at high speeds. Servotronic also maximises agility when parking, or navigating winding or narrow roads.

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Holden Commodore

The new Holden Commodore Storm Special Edition is a sight to behold. It’s clean lines and sporty look shows that the Holden team have really excelled this time. The Storm is more sculptural and highly refined with richer detailing and craftsmanlike finishes. The Storm is available in sedan and sportwagon, and it has a number of special features. Satellite navigation, special edition 18 inch alloy wheels, front fog lamps, ‘Storm’ dash embroidery, ‘Storm’ badge and a unique interior with red seat stitching.

The new VF Sportwagon has a great amount of space, but it is also versatile and safe with impressive comfort, technology and refinement.

One of the other features offered by the Storm is Automatic Park Assist. This takes the guesswork out of parking. The new VF Commodore can steer itself into difficult parallel parking spaces as well as automatically guiding itself into very tight right angle parks. This feature is supported by a rear view camera. This comes standard on every new VF Commodore which gives the driver a greater awareness of the vehicle and its surroundings and assists to avoid accidents.

When reversing from a parking space Reverse Traffic Alert scans for approaching traffic and if there is a potential accident the driver is alerted via the MyLink touchscreen.

When towing, many conditions such as wind gusts, can result in instability. The Trailer Sway Control system detects these conditions automatically and intervenes to bring the trailer back under control. The system activates precise braking and reduces engine torque to regain the necessary control.

In order to monitor blind spots for approaching traffic radars are mounted on either side of the Commodore. This Blind Spot Alert means there is no more second guessing when changing lanes. A warning light appears on the side mirror when an encroaching car is detected.

A Head Up Display is standard on SSV Redline and Calais V-Series. This display gives important information displays on the windscreen to minimise distraction from the road. The display includes speedometer, tachometer, GPS turn-by-turn and indicator signals.

Potential hazards on the road ahead are detected by a camera mounted on the windscreen which constantly scans the road. The driver is alerted of an imminent threat by both an audible tone and the Head Up Display.

An audible sound is used by the Lane Departure Warning to alert drivers that they have unintentionally veered out of their driving lane, as a result of distraction or drowsiness.

Some further snazzy features are remote vehicle start where you are able to have the engine running before you get in. It is possible to unlock and start the Commodore without touching the keys, using the passive entry/push button start. With the electric park brake it is set with the push of a button and accelerating releases it.

The Commodore is truly a smart car, lighter and more streamlined it is a joy to drive. Fuel efficient, but without compromising its performance, the Commodore is the car to buy.


Initially made famous by the Beetle (designed by Ferdinand Porsche), Volkswagen was founded in 1937. The German company owns Audi, Bugatti, Skoda, Lamborghini, SEAT and Porsche. Over the last decade in Australia, the company has grown its market share and is currently in 9th position.

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In 2014 the VW Golf 90TSI Comfortline won the Best Small Car under $35,000 category. Volkswagen’s engineering improved the way the car drives which was one of the winning aspects for the Golf. The Comfortline is powered by the renowned VW 1.4 litre turbocharged 90kW engine with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed direct shift automatic transmission.

The Comfortline led its class in standard features, some of which were rain sensing wipers, front and rear parking sensors, dual zone climate control, low tyre pressure indicator, alloy wheels and a reversing camera. The interior of the car has excellent functionality and ergonomics, with a strong feeling of quality workmanship.

Also standard across the range are Volkswagen’s driver fatigue and multi collision braking systems. The driver’s inputs are monitored by the driver fatigue system. The system also monitors general driving characteristics and steering movements and will sound an alert if the system assesses behavioural changes in driving. The multi collision braking system will mitigate the potential of a second collision occurring after the initial incident by continuing to brake the vehicle after an airbag deployment. A five-star ANCAP crash test rating complements the efforts by Volkswagen to make the Golf a safe vehicle.

The Green Vehicle Guide gives the Golf a 4.5 star emissions rating and fuel consumption is very good.

The Golf is almost sports-like in its performance, but does not have the heavy fuel usage. The Golf is lighter, safer and more powerful, as well as more fuel efficient and more spacious. Its sales success will no doubt continue.



Audi TT

The new Audi TT has as one of its main features a timeless racing profile with highly-tensioned bodywork and bold lines.

On the inside there is a wonderful display of all essential information right in front of the driver. The display is clear and attractive with the technology of the new Multi Media Interface and Audi virtual cockpit. Awarded the ‘Design Innovation of the Year’ by the German Design Council at the 2014 Automotive Brand Contest, the Audi TT focuses unashamedly on the driver. The dashboard has a high-resolution 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster which is configured to present information in a classic or modern layout. This is controlled by the intuitive MMI touch system or the multi-function sports steering wheel. The MMI touch system uses a touchpad instead of a joystick. This means the driver can stay focused on the road by allowing for blind typing – the driver just writes naturally with a finger on the touchpad. This is located next to the steering wheel and in front of the gear shift.

There are, as an optional extra, technologically advanced headlights – the all new Matrix LED headlights. These headlights are capable of a number of light combinations. They look amazing but they do not ever dazzle oncoming traffic.

The 2.0 TFSI quattro can reach speeds of up to 250 km/hr and will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 5.3 seconds, as a result of the hard-launching ability of all-wheel drive. The turbocharged engine maximises performance and efficiency and is a very impressive piece of engineering. The S tronic automatic transmission ensures almost instantaneous gear changes.

Audi is assisting a team of German and Austrian engineers from the Part-Time Scientists by providing technical support to a private lunar mission. Audi is providing its knowledge in a number of areas, including robotics, piloted driving and quattro all-wheel drive for the unmanned lunar rover which is due to be sent to the moon in 2017. The mission is the result of a competition being conducted by the Google Lunar XPRIZE, which is a $US30 million competition to ‘challenge and inspire engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost  methods of robotic space exploration.’ The winning team will successfully land a robot on the moon and explore at least 500 metres of the surface, transmitting hi-resolution video and images back to earth. The vehicle will be known as the Audi lunar quattro and Audi is supporting its development with its expertise in the areas of lightweight construction, e-mobility, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and piloted driving.

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